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Wall Art & Portrait Collages by Rone

Posted onSeptember 2nd 2019Wall Art & Portrait Collages by Rone

Melbourne artist Rone merges street art and fine art in this vivid series of sublime portraits. From new buildings to abandoned ruins, the artist uses careful layout and use of poignant expressions to merge his subjects into their surroundings. It’s a subtle juxtaposition which breathes life into the inanimate and coaxes beauty from even the most lost and forgotten corners of the world.

Many of these places were discovered by the artist during his skateboarding adventures, where graffiti would prove to be a constant backdrop and inspiration. After years of designing stencils, stickers and posters, Rone decided to super-size his work and paint directly on walls, taking his unique brand of stylized portraits to a whole new scale.

When asked about the inspiration behind his work, Rone makes no apologies for the powerful simplicity of what drives him to create.

“I paint because I love it, and it adds character to any inanimate object. Whether it is a wall or a footpath. It brings the streets to life.”

Rone Artwork 1# Rone Artwork 2# Rone Artwork 3# Rone Artwork 4# Rone Artwork 5# Rone Artwork 6# Rone Artwork 7# Rone Artwork 8# Rone Artwork 9# Rone Artwork 10# Rone Artwork 11# Rone Artwork 12# Rone Artwork 13# Rone Artwork 14# Rone Artwork 15# Rone Artwork 16# Rone Artwork 17# Rone Artwork 18# Rone Artwork 19# Rone Artwork 20# Rone Artwork 21# All images courtesy of Rone. View more at his home page or visit him on .

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