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Sagmeister and Walsh Translate 2D Pop Art to 3D Reality

Posted onFebruary 3rd 2016Sagmeister and Walsh Translate 2D Pop Art to 3D Reality

Creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh has brought pop art to life in this series of images that simulate vintage printing methods to promote a department store in their Aizone campaign. The use of vibrant colors combined with classic patterns and brushwork is evocative of the comic-strip stylings of Roy Lichtenstein, with a dazzling taste for color reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

Rather than simply create an illustration however, the agency was more interested in reproducing this vintage effect in real life - in essence creating a 2D impression out of 3D objects. Many hours were put into set/costume/lighting design and make-up to traverse this dimensional barrier. The process itself was a refreshingly organic one too - each accessory, detail and setting was rendered by hand, a feat that suspends belief looking at the precision and clarity of these compositions.

Pop art photo Pop art photo Pop art photo Pop art photo Pop art photo Pop art photo

The creative team had a bit more fun with the process, producing a few animations of these patterns and posting them online.

## Credits



SET PRODUCTION / DESIGN: Adi Goodrich, Melanie Chernock

PHOTOGRAPHER: Stephanie Gonot

MAKEUP: Anastasia Durasova

INSTAGRAM VIDEOS: Aron Filkey, Santiago Carrasquilla, Saad Moosajee

All images courtesy of Sagmeister and Walsh. View more at their home page .

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